Serving the Unserved

Representative John Szoka (District 45) introduces the BRIGHT Futures Act to connect the millions of people who are unserved, or underserved.


The BRIGHTspot Network

The BRIGHTspot Network is a statewide network for entrepreneurs and innovation to support local economic development.  It is centered in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Download the  BRIGHTspot Network Guide.

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Connecting the Last Mile

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest expresses support for the BRIGHT Futures Act, saying it can help North Carolina be the first state in America to connect the last mile.

The BRIGHT Futures Act

The BRIGHT Futures Act clarifies the ability to create Public Private Partnerships to develop critical digital infrastructure and focuses programs and resources on the BRIGHT Markets.

You can follow the House Bill and the Senate Bill on the official site of the North Carolina General Assembly.

To receive the FAQ and learn more about how the BRIGHT Futures Act will help connect people to BRIGHT Market opportunities, email us through the contact page.

Connecting the dots...

Industrial Revolutions are not new.  It is a label affixed to transformational changes in the economy because of extreme changes in connectivity and automation.

They have affected rural and low income areas in North Carolina significantly when those in rural and low income areas were not able to stay connected, and when continuing changes in automation moved the economic center of gravity.

There are those that argue the world is on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fueled by extreme advances in connectivity from gigabit speed Internet services and extreme advances in automation resulting from artificial intelligence, sensor technology and robotics.

This represents both the threat to rural and low income areas...and the opportunity.  Technology makes it easier than ever for people in these areas to connect the dots to a BRIGHT Future.  Join us in making this BRIGHT Future a reality.

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